Stop Hustling for the Wrong Reasons with Claire Pettibone | Podcast Episode #4

How to stop hustling for the wrong reasons, to get clarity on moving forward without overwhelm, and to objectively look at your to-do lists.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

I am always blown away by how connecting with fellow purpose-driven entrepreneurs in an open and authentic way ends up being so much more beneficial to both people rather than hustling.

And, my friendship with Claire Pettibone is a great example of this. So, I am excited for you to meet Claire on today’s new episode on the Rank & File Member Podcast.

The Back Story on My Friendship with Claire

Claire and I originally connected a few months back over the phone – when I put out an invitation on the Rank & File blog asking readers to do a quick phone interview with me about their experiences and challenges as purpose-driven entrepreneurs. And Claire, signed-up!

During our phone call, Claire brought up one of the challenges she was having as a new founder, which really resonated with me because I had also experienced it: ever-growing to-do lists that end up making you really unsure of what to prioritize or even unclear about the entire direction of your business strategy…

On our phone call, I ended up being vulnerable with Claire about my struggles with overwhelming to-lists as well and shared some of my lessons learned on how to stay objective with our business ideas and strategies.

I was so inspired by our conversation and knew that the takeaways would be really useful for all of you, so I asked her to co-write an article in Issue Nine of Rank & File Magazine with me.

Inside the article, we both share our lessons learned from our phone call. Claire first, and me second. It’s sort of a memoir of our conversation and what we both learned from being authentic and vulnerable with each other. The article came out really cool, and I hope you check it out after you listen to the podcast episode!

On today’s podcast episode Claire and I are going to dive into this topic on:

  • how to stop hustling for the wrong reasons
  • how to get clarity on moving forward without overwhelm
  • and how to objectively look at our to-do lists for our business

We are also going to play the audio recording or our original phone call mid-way through the show- which will be really fun!

There is so much good stuff packed into this episode, so let’s jump in with Claire, founder of Madison Grace.

Companion Article to This Podcast Episode:

Hustling for the Wrong Reason: A Community Connection Memoir by Claire Pettibone, Founder of Madison Grace and Kari Enge



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