Coach for Female Social Entrepreneurs - Kari Enge

Kari Elizabeth, an American social entrepreneur turned business coach based in Norway, is an experienced guide for purpose-driven entrepreneurs navigating the world of social impact business.

Certified by the Life Coach School, Kari combines mindset coaching with strategic consultation, to identify business model roadblocks before mapping out values-aligned, simple plans to increase the profitability. She does all of this while prioritizing the founder’s unique vision, values and personal priorities.

She has personally guided 60 entrepreneurs from 16 countries to either establish financially sustainable social impact businesses or enhance the profitability of their existing models – all while improving their personal wellbeing.

Kari’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration and extensive experience in the luxury hospitality market. There, honed her skills in product/service development, quality assurance, and restructuring, which she now applies in her coaching work. 

Kari is no stranger to complex environments and challenging projects. Her international experience, having traveled to over 35 countries, working with individuals from more than 40 nationalities (including a stint on the world’s largest privately owned mega yacht!) enriches her coaching approach and provides her with funny and inspiring stories with practical applications.


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  • Building Profitable Social Impact Business Models with Space for Personal Wellbeing
  • Mastering Decision-Making: A Must-Have Skill for Entrepreneurs
  •  A New Approach to Sales & Marketing: It Can Be Your Favorite Work!
  • Goal-Setting Myths: The Right Way to Reach Your Targets Faster and Stress-Free
  • Mindset 101: How to Use the Latest Mindset Tools to Strategize and Grow Your Business
  • Overcoming Ten Common Mindset and Strategy Traps for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


Mindset Workshop for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

The professional sporting industry and C-suite executives are utilizing the latest mindset tools to become more effective – so why not social impact founders? Join Kari at Rank & File Coaching for an interactive workshop for entrepreneurs that explains the neuroscience behind common issues like overwhelm, stress, burnout, indecision, procrastination, and more. Then, you’ll learn a simple mindset tool to overcome roadblocks, grow your business faster, and feel better behind the scenes.

Decision-Making 101

Unmade decisions, slow decision making, or spending time on the wrong decision at the wrong time costs businesses a lot of money and lackluster results. Join Kari for an eye-opening class on how to approach decision-making in the most strategic way, and how to utilize the Decision-Making Process to grow your business more intentionally and quickly than before.

The Impactful Sales Process

Sales and Marketing has been shown to be the weakest area for social impact entrepreneurs, but only because they are thinking about sales and marketing in the wrong way. This masterclass helps purpose-driven founders to shift their mindset around S&M, before choosing a simplified sales strategy they are truly excited and eager to jump into. Sales and Marketing does not have to be something you “have to do.” It can become you and your teams favorite thing to do, even as a social-impact focused team.

Goals, Implementation and Evaluations

Most founders don’t understand the correct mindset and structure for goals, which is why they have a hard time reaching them. This workshop uncovers the common misunderstandings and misuses of goals and then teaches founders a better way to set goals and them implement them using a simplified process. If you (or your team) struggle with planning-ahead, structure, organization, orknowing what is the most strategic thins to focus on to move the needle – this is THE class for you.


Join Kari for a journey on the world’s largest private mega-yacht, where, through Kari’s past worldwide (and funny) adventures, you’ll discover the hidden ways you can increase your company’s impact by actually focusing on increasing income and space for personal life first. This powerful, surprising talk will ignite your audience of entrepreneurs and changemakers to take a fresh perspective at growing their purpose-driven businesses.


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