Coach for Female Social Entrepreneurs - Kari Enge

Kari Elizabeth is an American social entrepreneur and business coach who currently calls Norway home. She has experience in starting and running social impact businesses both in the US and in Norway and understands the unique challenges female and immigrant entrepreneurs face.

Kari is certified through the renowned Life Coach School and is the only coach with a license to teach this methodology in Norway. 

She blends mindset with strategy to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, simplify their businesses, and achieve massive results while taking care of themselves mentally and emotionally. Her trauma-based training also makes her suitable to guide refugees and immigrants from challenging backgrounds through the entrepreneurship process.

Using her unique coaching methodology, Kari has helped 38 female entrepreneurs from 16 different countries to start financially sustainable social impact businesses to date.

Kari has a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management and Business Administration from Auburn University. She has six years of experience at Rank & File Magazine and Rank & File Coaching and 13 years of experience in luxury hospitality, where she worked in program development, quality assurance and operations. During her corporate career, Kari was the youngest manager in her company, holding six positions in six years. She spearheaded several intrapreneurial projects during this time. Kari has traveled to over 35 countries, worked with people from over 40 nationalities, and led several multicultural teams. 


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Starting Good Social Enterprise Summit – Featured Speaker
along with veterans like Bill Drayton of Ashoka

SoCentral – The Nordic Center for Social Innovation – Mentor and Teacher

Spring Activator Digital Growth Bootcamp – Featured Speaker

The Social Enterprise Alliance Webinar Series – Host and Featured Speaker

The Global Socent Lab –  Featured Speaker

Good Matters Show by Defining Good – Guest Speaker

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


Introduction to Mindset, Mind Management, and the Self-Coaching Model

A foundational training that introduces entrepreneurs to the concept of mind management and the importance that mindset plays in the results they achieve. The group will be introduced to a powerful coaching tool that they can use for themselves called The Self-Coaching Model. This Tool makes them aware of how their thoughts, feelings, and actions create results so they can harness their thinking to overcome challenges and achieve goals more easily. 

Releasing the Fear of ‘Trying to Get it Right’ by Tapping into Self-Acceptance and Fun

This training will explore self-acceptance and show how entrepreneurs can create it for themselves without business accomplishment. This will help them to see their business results as separate from their identity and reduce the pressure of ‘getting it right,’ which blocks creativity and innovation. This training will also introduce the group to the survival mechanisms of the human brain, which hold us back from exploring new possibilities and trying new things in an effort to keep us safe. The group will learn to hold space for their fear and to use the concept of courage and fun during the entrepreneurial process.

Translating Your Values to a Top 5 Outcome List (Tailored to Women specifically)

This training takes entrepreneurs through the creation of a Top 5 Outcome List for their lives – the five most important things they want to create for themselves before their time here on earth is complete. This exercise ensures that the entrepreneur is actively using their values in real life and that they are aware of how all their personal priorities blend together so they can create a business model that supports them holistically. This training will also include a time of goal-setting around personal finances, so they are empowered to create generational wealth as the woman of their household and a time of exploring their goals for self-growth as they put themselves out there in new ways as an entrepreneur.

Self-Care for Social Impact: Busting Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

Overwhelm, stress and anxiety ranks as one of the most common issues that entrepreneurs face. And yet, entrepreneurs often are left with advice like “take a digital detox” or “go on a vacation” as the cure. This workshop explains the science behind the stress response, and looks at the limiting beliefs and thought patterns associated with overwhelm, stress and anxiety. The group will learn a simple framework for processing negative emotion, even with a heavy workload, and learn skill sets to foster a sense of wellbeing  and self-care regardless of what’s happening in their businesses. The result is not a band-aid, but rather a core shift that will lighten the mental and emotional load the entrepreneur carries.

Exploring Your Unique Strengths and Seeing Yourself as a Thought Leader (Tailored to Women specifically)

Society has historically kept women small. Such thoughts like “I’m not ready,” “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t handle that much responsibility” hold most female entrepreneurs back from their potential.  This training will help women to see their unique strengths as valuable IP and give them the confidence that they are thought leaders. There will also be time where we debunk the myths around ‘bigger being a burden’ so that they open themselves up to more responsibility and possibility without sacrificing their personal lives or sense of well-being.

Using Simplicity and Constraint as Your Competitive Advantage

Traditional entrepreneurial frameworks like the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas are powerful tools, but entrepreneurs can quickly get overwhelmed by complexity. This training introduced the group to the importance of simplicity and the CEO skill of constraint so that they can narrow their focus as they plan their businesses.

Decision-Making 101

Decision-making is a CEO skill that is important to learn from the very beginning. Otherwise, confusion, complexity, and analysis paralysis will cause delays. This training teaches entrepreneurs how clarity and certainty are a choice and how they can make simple, doable decisions no matter how many unknowns they face. There will be time for several participants to be coached through the decision-making process to showcase the tools being used, which will help the participants to apply them.

Sales is Simple

Sales have been shown to be the weakest area for social impact entrepreneurs. This training explores the simple ways a product/service can be sold when we stop looking around for what we “should be doing” and ask ourselves – what’s the simplest and quickest way to create a social impact through a sale? This training will also give an introduction to the Impactful Sales Process – a philosophy that you can create a positive social impact through marketing and sales alone. By the end of this training, the entrepreneur will be confident to choose a simple yet effective marketing strategy and be more confident to put themselves out there.

Evaluations are Everything

This training will introduce the group to the entrepreneurial process and show them the difference between a high-value cycle and a low-value cycle. A high-value cycle is where the entrepreneur “fails fast” using tests, then evaluates objectively before quickly starting another cycle. A low-value cycle is where the entrepreneur spirals into frustration, confusion, or other unhelpful thoughts and feelings after they don’t reach their goal. This training will also include a simple framework for evaluations and how to do them effectively.

Goal-Setting is a Mindset

Most entrepreneurs do not understand the purpose of setting goals, so they don’t use them effectively. This training teaches entrepreneurs why goals should be used, what timelines will help them the most, how to use the Self-Coaching Model throughout the process, and how to react once the deadline has come.

Creating Structure and Consistency Using The Model Workweek

Consistency is an important element of creating business results, but consistency is impossible without organization and structure. This training introduces the group to the importance of structure and consistency and helps them create a doable weekly schedule that works for their personality using time blocking. A portion of the time will be spent talking about the biggest roadblocks to creating structure and consistency (procrastination, stress, overwhelm, burnout) and how these are solved.

Taking Trauma-Informed Massive Action Using The Belief Plan

This training teaches entrepreneurs how to override the survival mechanisms in our brains that want to keep us safe and small. By the end of the training, the group will understand how to take massive action using a simple tool called The Belief Plan. They will also have an introduction to the Fight-Flight-Freeze trauma responses so they can care for themselves and move their businesses forward even when their central nervous system gets activated. 

Managing Your Goals on Paper

This CEO Skill training teaches entrepreneurs the process of evaluating their monthly, quarterly, and annual results and the mindset behind setting new goals. By the end of this training, the group will understand how to use forecasts for their benefit instead of something they ‘have to do.’ They will also understand how to stick with a goal until it’s done, so they form a strong sense of self as the leader of their business, no matter how long that goal takes them.

Mind Management for Immigrants Only

This workshop explores the unique challenges that immigrants face during the startup phase and uses The Self Coaching Model to move through frustration so problems can be solved more effectively. As an immigrant herself, Kari teaches this topic with empathy and empowerment to help people from all walks of life to move their businesses forward in a way that boosts their sense of well-being at the same time.



Join Kari for a journey on the world’s largest private mega-yacht, where, through Kari’s past adventures, you’ll discover how to start living a life aligned with your values. Kari shares how impact starts with a servant’s heart, why we must become lifelong students of leadership, and why our work must not become “who we are.” This powerful talk will leave your audience feeling truly ignited to overcome fear and take action steps to incorporate their values in their purpose-driven businesses.