Coach for Female Social Entrepreneurs - Kari Enge

Kari Elizabeth Enge is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rank & File Magazine – a publication that shares authentic, vulnerable advice on building a social impact business. She is also a coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

After graduating from Auburn University, Kari was selected into the management intern program for the world’s largest private mega-yacht. What started as a 3-month experiment at sea, turned into a life-altering journey. Kari climbed the corporate ladder, holding 6 positions in 6 years.

As one of the youngest leaders in her company, Kari traveled to over 30 countries and worked with people from over 40 nationalities. With time, Kari came face-to-face with extreme poverty and realized that her values were no longer aligned with her corporate life.

So in 2016, Kari quit her corporate role to pursue a life of purpose. She launched Rank & File Magazine – a publication for purpose-driven entrepreneurs sharing authentic, vulnerable advice for building an impact-driven business. The magazine has featured notable thought leaders and entrepreneurs like Simon Sinek, Jessica Honegger, Liz Forkin Bohannon, Kohl Crecelius and more.

After running the vision and growth of Rank & File Magazine for 4 years, Kari knew that entrepreneurs needed much more than a business magazine to succeed, and felt a calling to deepen her impact. So Kari took a brave step to not settle for what was working, but to go for what was truly important, and starting Rank & File Coaching.

Kari has a coach certification from the renowned Life Coach School and is passionate about empowering and equipping female entrepreneurs to increase their income and impact without sacrificing their personal lives.

Kari now splits her time between Oslo, Norway, where she lives with her husband Thomas and her daughter Olivia Joy, and Chattanooga, Tennessee where her family is from.


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Starting Good Social Enterprise Summit – Featured Speaker
along with veterans like Bill Drayton of Ashoka

SoCentral – The Nordic Center for Social Innovation – Mentor and Teacher

Spring Activator Digital Growth Bootcamp – Featured Speaker

The Social Enterprise Alliance Webinar Series – Host and Featured Speaker

The Global Socent Lab –  Featured Speaker

Good Matters Show by Defining Good – Guest Speaker

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


Why You Never Have Enough Time
Being busy, scattered, and unstructured is a detriment to your social impact and your bottom line. In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to have a better relationship with time, and how to add a structure and flow to your week. Perfect for entrepreneurs struggling now, more than ever, from the massive shifts that COVID-19 has brought us

The Brain Drama Diet
Social impact and bottom-line results won’t come for an entrepreneur who is plagued by Brain Drama – like worry, fear, confusion, analysis-paralysis, procrastination and more. In this training, I’ll show you how brain drama holds you back in sneaky ways and how to carry out a simple mind-management  practice so you can stop holding yourself back.

The Fail Plan
Most entrepreneurs let the fear of failure hold them back, even if they are not currently aware of it. But failure is actually the currency for reaching your goals. Using “The Fail Plan” you can push beyond what you think is possible to achieve and rewrite your relationship with failure so that you use it to fuel your business, instead of something you try to avoid. In this workshop, I’ll teach you what the Fail Plan is and how you can use it to reach your goals this year.

The Brand Story Sales Funnel
“Build it and they will come” is a myth that has thousands of businesses building websites, posting to social media and then scratching their heads as to why their customers are not clicking the “buy now” button… In this workshop, I’ll show you how to create an online sales funnel that’s built on the elements of storytelling so you grab your ideal customer’s attention, build a relationship with them, and invite them to purchase in an authentic way. Most importantly, you’ll leave this workshop leaving your limiting beliefs around “sleazy sales” behind with a new understanding that telling your brand’s story is one of the most powerful tools for social impact you have.


Join Kari for a journey on the world’s large private mega-yacht where, through Kari’s past adventures, you’ll also discover how to pursue your passions and find your purpose in the most unlikely of places. Kari shares how impact starts with a servant’s heart, why we must become lifelong students of leadership, and why our work must not become “who we are.” This powerful talk will leave your audience feeling truly ignited to take action steps in their lives and businesses to make a bigger impact for good.