Rising You: A Coaching Program for Women Who Want to Launch a Purpose-Driven Business

The strategy, structure and support you need to

Finally launch your purpose-driven business

Signature Coaching Program


You’ve decided you want to finally quit that life-sucking job to start a purpose-driven business.
You want . . .


A business that aligns with your values and vision for impact.


A business that allows you to live the personal life you desire.


A business that builds financial freedom for you and your family.

So what's standing in the way?

There’s so much to figure out.

Money is a real stressor for you.

You’re not sure if the timing is right to go all in. 

You’re worried about how to balance your personal life with your new entrepreneurial life.

You have no idea how to market your product.

You really dread the idea of putting yourself out there and selling.



You may think you need: a website, funding, an audience, social media channels, to feel "ready" or more time.

What you really need is a complete roadmap:


Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

I know exactly where you are today because I have been there myself too + I have already supported dozens women just like you to make a successful transition into purpose-driven entrepreneurship. 


Rising You: A Coaching Program for Women Who Want to Launch a Purpose-Driven Business

Over the course of 6 months, I'll walk hand-in-hand with you to successfully launch your own purpose-driven business, so you can finally start making a living and a difference at the same time.

Here's What You Get:

Training Modules

25 training videos and accompanying workbooks taking you through my A to Z blueprint - all the way from designing your dream business to executing your sales strategy, and growing month after month.

Access to My Personal Email

For feedback, proofreading and questions throughout the week so you never have to waste time not knowing what to do, or if you did something right.

Personality Assessment

Full assessment from an accredited institute giving you a full view of your strengths, weaknesses and leadership style + bonus Enneagram training based on your type.

Private Coaching Sessions

1 x 30-minute coaching session every other week (12 in total) to overcome your limiting beliefs, work through your strategies, and boost your motivation beyond what you could do alone.

Templates & Cheat Sheets

All of the templates I use for my business to bring organization to your strategies + to ensure you're on track in every area of your business. Plus, cheat sheets on the most commonly asked questions by new female entrepreneurs.

Customized Roadmap

A tailor-made business roadmap outlining my personalized suggestions for your business during our final session + my unique 90-day action planning process to ensure you can fly on your own following the program.

What will we work on together?

a Sneak Peek aT WHAT YOU'll LEARN

A Japanese philosophy that help you tap into your "zone of genius" and connect your natural talents to your business so you can create impact in the world.
We'll make sure your business model is truly making an impact in the world, while ensuring you remain financially sustainable at the same time.
The Brand Story Business Building Process
Using my proprietary tool, we'll build your entire business model and customer journey - this alone is worth the entire cost of the program!
Customer Discovery
I'll show you how to validate your product, while getting to know your customer on an intimate level so you are ready to serve and sell to them.
Designing Your First Offering
Features, benefits, pricing, the customer experience, and the back-end logistics of making it all happen. We'll cover it all.
Brand Core Verbiage
Step-by-step guidance on how to communicate your mission and your offering in a clear and compelling way that moves your customer to take action.
Visual and Verbal Branding
Learn the most important elements of branding, design the personality of your brand, and choose to DIY your brand with my tools or let me help you brief a designer of your choice.
The Human-Centered Sales Process
Get an overview of all the pros and cons of different marketing options before selecting the right one for you, then we'll create a sales strategy that is simplified yet effective.
Your Sales Funnel
Design your step-by-step sales funnel so you know exactly where you can find new potential customers and turn them into clients with ease.
Money Mindset
Get into a more empowering, abundant relationship with money as you prepare for your business launch + adopt the mindsets you need to get through year-one of your business with confidence!
Evaluation and Tracking
Learn how to analyze what's working and what's not each month for your business using simple tools, so you can make tweaks along the way to reach your goals.
Structure & Scheduling
Bust overwhelm, busyness, and the feeling of "never enough" time with my proven structure that will bring more flow and freedom back into your life.
Thinking and Doing
You'll learn how to overcome fear, worry, procrastination, and analysis-paralysis and step into confidence, flow and authentic action.
And More!
This is just a sampling. You'll get everything outlined here + additional videos, workbooks and 1-on-1 coaching based on your business needs and personal goals.

6 Months from Today, You could...

Just like when I decided to go all-in on myself, my dreams and my business,

It’s up to you to make it happen.

It takes courage. It takes commitment. And it doesn't happen overnight.

But I'm here to make sure it doesn't take you years either!

You don’t need more time. You just need the right Strategy, Support and Structure.

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Your Investment

Option 1: Pay in Full


($300 discount)

Option 2: Monthly Payments

6 payments of $550

($3,300 total)

*This program can be deducted from your business taxes in most geographical locations.

Stop Waiting and Start Creating

How aligned and fulfilled would you be if you had an amazing brand generating revenue and impact in just 9 months? How important would that be for your life? How much is that worth to you?



Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Clients Are Raving

Are ready to stop waiting and start creating?

Let's do this (TOGETHER).

Experience the power of coaching completely for free and get all your questions answered about working with me in this 45-minute, no-strings-attached session.

Only possible after a free consultation to validate that we are a good fit for each other.


This program is for you if you are finally ready to transition to becoming a purpose-entrepreneur (either part-time or full-time) in the next 6 to 12 months.

If you follow and complete each step of the process with my guidance over the course of the program, you will have a solid business model, sales strategy and brand all in place and fully launched! Clients are normally able to pay back the amount they invested in the program while we are still working together! And, they also go from zero publicity opportunities to landing press, helping to grow their impact from day one.

Depending on the type of product you sell, the program timeline has us launching your business half-way through the program. The remaining months are spent growing your audience, generating sales, and teaching you all the ins-and-the-outs of taking your company from fledgling to flourishing! Of course, you can launch faster or slower depending on your personal goals. I customize the program for each and every one of my clients.

I do not work during the weekends, and it’s important for me to spend the evenings cooking yummy meals and hangin’ with my family at home (which I’ll show you how to make time for too 😉 However, I sometimes allow coaching calls on Tuesday evening (Central European Time) if necessary.

I encourage you to listen to the Rank & File Podcast where I share purpose-driven business advice weekly. This will give you an opportunity to get to know me better. If you haven’t grabbed free access to Rank & File Magazine yet, I would also highly recommend this.

Of course! You can get in touch with me by using the contact form on this website. I look forward to hearing from you!


Experience the power of coaching completely for free and get all your questions answered about working with me in this 45-minute, no-strings-attached session.

Only possible after a free consultation to validate that we are a good fit for each other.