Social Impact Storytelling with Ehren Seeland of Hecho

Social Impact Storytelling with Ehren Seeland of Hecho | Episode #29

Learn how to respectfully tell your company social impact story while honoring everyone involved.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

Today, I’m joined by social entrepreneur Ehren Seeland to talk about an important skill for purpose-driven entrepreneurs: storytelling. Ehren is the Founder and Creative Director of Hecho — a curated emporium of ethically made pieces that marry contemporary design with traditional Mexican processes.

Ehren’s Instagram is what first caught my eye when I got to know her while planning Rank & File’s upcoming Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico. I was not only blown away by the visual aesthetics of how she puts together storytelling on Instagram, but how she tells stories there.

She does an incredible job honoring the traditional Mexican crafts and the artisan’s work without using her artisan partners a “bait” or a marketing tactic to sell socially-conscious pieces. She also does a great job blending different mediums to bring meaningful stories alive, using photography, video and words all together in artful ways.

Ehren and I talk all about hows she actually accomplishes responsible storytelling, including what she does and doesn’t put on her social media. We also talk about her specific advice for how other purpose-driven entrepreneurs can improve their storytelling skills using sensory elements.

In Today’s podcast episode, you’ll learn:

-What makes storytelling respectful for the purpose-driven company
-How to approach the relationship you have with partners and beneficiaries of your work so that storytelling remains respectful
-What to leave out of storytelling and what to include
-How to blend sensory elements into your storytelling to bring it alive

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