The results are in!


Struggling to find the right strategies to increase sales without overworking or spending your life’s savings is really frustrating.

It’s a rollercoaster instead of the sustainable growth and feeling of flow you really want.

Here’s the thing. If you are spinning your wheels, chances are, you lack a true understanding of the Entrepreneurial Process and a few CEO Mindsets and Skill sets. That’s it!

You actually don’t need:

  • the RIGHT business model
  • the RIGHT offer
  • the RIGHT price
  • the RIGHT messaging
  • the RIGHT sales strategy
  • the RIGHT team

There are definitely changes you need to make. But if you make changes right now… guess what?

You’ll still feel the same way. You’ll be back to questioning and spinning on “how do I get things working!” really soon.

Here’s a Quick Neuroscience Lesson to Show You Why:
The survival mechanisms of your brain are always scanning for possible threats. So when you tell your brain, “Things are not working!”, it signals a threat and starts trying to change things.

But the same brain that got you where you are… is not the same brain that is going to get you to where you want to go. You have to think and operate differently to get to a different result. 


Your best next step is to REINVENT how you operate inside of your business so you can finally RISE to become the financially sustainable, impactful entrepreneur that you want to be.

Your Tailor-Made Success Plan:

Reinventing how you operate inside of your business starts with cleaning up all the messy strategies, and unmade decisions you have lying around…

Once you are clear and confident… you need the Entrepreneurial Process to carry you forward. It’s a step-by-step process that helps you implement your ideas, evaluate your results, and tweak them until you reach your goal. CEO skill sets and mindsets will help maximize your efforts and keep you motivated, calm and grounded while following the process.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to follow a business model, structure or strategies that don’t feel natural for you or your personality. You also don’t need to overwork or burnout.

Free Coaching Call for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs - Kari Enge of Rank & File

But, even if I give you a magic business formula right now… it wouldn’t change things for you. 

Because there are concerns under the surface that you haven’t worked through yet. And some skill sets and mindsets that you lack to propel you forward.

Learning how to THINK like the CEO of your life and business is not something that even the most prestigious MBA programs are teaching. Most programs and courses give you a lot of information.

But let’s face it… a lack of information is not the problem. It’s APPLYING it that’s the struggle.

So invest in the help you need to clarify, simplify, strategize, and get your business working. 

Ready to design a business that lights you up, pays the bills, and makes a positive impact on the world?

I'm sharing next steps below.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Kari,

I’ve helped over 40 purpose-driven entrepreneurs from 16 countries design or redesign their companies so they look and feel the way they truly desire. For my clients, this means that their businesses are:

  1. Making a Positive Difference in the World
  2. Making Space for Personal Life
  3. Supporting Their Sense of Well-being
  4. Financially Sustainable (and growing!)

I help entrepreneurs understand the POSSIBILITY of their business, and help them create a simple and clear path towards the success they seek using a streamlined process.

My clients have doubled and even tripled their income while feeling better about themselves, their businesses, and their lives.

Certified Business Coach and Founder of Rank & File – Kari Elizabeth Enge

The income, impact, personal life and wellbeing you desire are closer than you think.

In my 1-on-1 coaching container, I will teach you how design a business that checks all your boxes at the same time.

The next step for entrepreneurs like you is to schedule your *free* Strategy Call.

In one hour, we’ll map out all your strengths, weaknesses and goals to create a clear roadmap moving forward. You’ll leave the *free* call knowing EXACTLY what you need to work on to reach your goals. If we both feel that we’re a match – we’ll create a plan to do it together in my 1-on-1 coaching container. If we don’t feel that click, that’s great too!

Either way, the free Strategy Call is your next best step when it comes to becoming a successful business owner. Signal to your mind that you are serious by scheduling your call below.