Hey there, purpose-driven entrepreneur,

Go all in on yourself this year.

So the social impact and the salary you desire is not just possible, it's inevitable


The Year of Uncomfortable


A 12-month group coaching program for female purpose-driven entrepreneurs that gives you the tools, the habits and the structure you need to put a solid salary in place for yourself.

*while also creating an incredible social impact in the world.

6 modules teaching you my Impactful Income process for boosting your salary and social impact.

Both private and group coaching throughout the month so you recieve personalized attention and support.

Access to unlimited "ask a coach" Q&A for a full calendar year so you never get stuck, just moving forward each and every day.

Are you as committed to your success as I am?

After 5 years as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and 3 years as a business coach, I know one thing to be true. We are our biggest roadblock. We make big goals, then we let worry, confusion, analysis-paralysis, fear, overwhelm, stress, busyness, disapointment, fustration, and "life" get in our way.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We can learn how to masterfully overcome all of these things so that we can think clearly and creatively, and step-forward with focus and confidence each day to reach extraordinary goals.

We can blow our own minds with how much impact and income we can create without sacrificing our personal lives or sense of wellbeing to get there.

Over the next 12-months, I'm here to teach you exactly how to make it happen. So that instead of feeling dissapointed by yet another year where you come up short, you stand proud because of the social impact and the financial sustainability you've created.

Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Here's what you'll get:

You get immediate access to 6 training modules teaching you my Impactful Income Process.  First, you’ll learn how to layout a 3-Year Vision and 1-Year Plan for your business that reflects your goals and values. We will then make sure your business model, offering and strategies reflect that vision. In the second module, I’ll teach you how to implement habits and practices to stay super-focused and on-track – using my Model Workweek Structure and CEO Day Process. In the third module, you’ll learn an incredible mindset tool called The Self-Coaching Model so you are no longer plagued by indecision, procrastination, analysis-paralysis, imposter-syndrome and fear. 

Once you’ve completed the foundational modules 1-3. You’re ready to put fuel on the fire! You’ll learn my simple strategy for Authentic Selling and Easy Money Management. With these training modules and tools – the social impact and stable salary you desire will happen. Period.

Each month, you’ll be invited to a LIVE group coaching call where you have the opportunity to be coached or watch others being coached around one of the Impactful Income Process topics. Ask your questions about marketing, sales, pricing, messaging, money management, mindset and more during these powerful sessions. You’ll leave each call with major aha moments. Replays are always available in-case you can’t make it.

You get my undivided attention for one hour, every single month, for a solid year. I’ll be all eyes and ears on just you and your business to to help you bust limiting beliefs and to ensure your strategies and action plans are on-point and leading you closer and closer to your goals. 

You’ll be placed in a small-group of 3 to 5 like-minded entrepreneurs with similiar goals. You’ll meet with this group once a month to talk shop, bounce ideas around, get feedback, and share the entrepreneurial experience in a safe space. You’ll follow our Growth Group Protocol to ensure these sessions are focused and full of value.

Every Quarter, join me LIVE for a half-day virtual CEO Day where we’ll lay out your 90-Day Plan. You’ll leave this session with a crystal clear on your priorities for the quarter ahead and a roadmap for each week to make them happen!

You can ask me any question, any time, during the work week in the Mastermind’s SLACK channel. This unlimited access to written coaching allows you to stay out of analysis-paralysis, indecision and worry when it creeps up throughout the week.

Finally, you’ll get a customized 12-month planner created specifically for the Year of Uncomfortable Framework so that your Annual Goals, 90-Day Action Plans, and Daily Action Items are all in one place.


Dates: the next group runs from April 2022 - April 2023

Investment: $3,500


The Year of Uncomfortable


Enrollment for the mastermind is currently closed. Sign-up below to get all the details, as well as the change to pre-enroll.


This group is perfect for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to learn the tools, habits and structure that they need to put a solid salary in place for themselves over the next 12-months. If you want to understand exactly how to show up as the CEO of your social impact business so you can grow your company for years to come – this is the group for you.

A wide-range of businesses participate in the mastermind, but they all have one thing in common: they care about creating a social impact. Expect to see your peers working with causes like: social justice, climate change, animal welfare, poverty eradication, minority groups, economic development, mental health, coaching and more.

I’ll match you with complimentary founders for your small group so that you can talk shop with similiar entrepreneurs and contribute in a room that’s relevant for you.

LIVE monthly group coaching calls are relevant for everyone. You’ll be amazed at how watching other people being coached brings you major aha moments, despite their level of income / business type.

During enrollment, you’ll let me know the time that’s most convenient for you. Then, I’ll place you in a growth group that will work with your timezone and schedule. LIVE Monthly Group Calls will take place at 3:00 pm Central European Time (9:00 am Eastern Standard Time US). Quarterly CEO Day Workshops will be from 3:00 – 6:00 pm Central European Time / 9:00 – 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time US). Replays will be available.

You can schedule your monthly private coachings sessions with me at a convenient time for you. I have time-slots that work with many time zones (including Pacific Time US)

You’ll recieve a list of all the call times/dates for the full year in advance so you can block your calendar. But you’ll also get the recording of each session in case you can’t attend one live.

Step 1: Select which payment option you prefer below.

Step 2: Fill in the registration form and complete payment

Step 3: You’ll recieve a welcome email from me with information on the mastermind member site and details on the first CEO DAY.