Overcome Overwhelm, Procrastination, Lack of Time and Clarity as a Business Owner

Purpose-driven entrepreneur,

Do you lack clarity and have trouble making decisions in your business?

Do you find yourself thinking about your pricing or a new idea, rather than tackling your current sales and marketing to-do list?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out?

Do thoughts like, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money” pop into your head often?

These are all signs of Brain Drama.
You need to learn how to manage it if you want to have a financially-sustainable business.

Join the free masterclass and learn how to manage Brain Drama using a simple mindset tool – so you are clear, decisive and moving your business forward more effectively.


Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

8:00am Eastern Standard Time / 2:00pm Central European Time

Virtual masterclass will take place via Zoom. Includes 30-minutes of teaching followed by Q&A.


You thought Running a Business Would Feel More Fun Than this...

Hi, I’m Kari Enge. I’m a life and business coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I know from experience how annoying it is to feel unsure of the best way to move forward, stressed out by a never-ending to-do list, and wishing that you could finally just figure out how to get things running so it’s finally profitable and fun…

That’s why I’m specialized at helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the “struggle zone” to reach financial-sustainability without sacrificing their values, personal-lives or sense of wellbeing.

At this masterclass, I’ll teach you what Brain Drama is and how it keeps you spinning, struggling and not reaching your goals (even though you are trying so hard!) And I’ll teach you a simple mindset tool to overcome it.

With this practical tool, you’ll be a more effective founder and CEO that moves your business forward in less time.

Kari Enge is a Certified Life and Business Coach and the Founder of Rank & File Magazine

Your mission is too important to feel stuck or stressed...
Join the masterclass to learn a CEO Mindset Tool to take on each day more effectively.

Here's What We'll Cover in the Masterclass:

What brain drama is and what causes it

Examples of brain drama so you can spo it

What to do when you experience brain drama

How to use the simple mindset tool

The income and the impact you desire are easier to reach once you know how to manage Brain Drama.

Join me at the masterclass to learn the skills you need to succeed.

Register for the Masterclass

Managing Brain Drama

When: Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 8:00am EST / 2:00pm CET

Where: Zoom - link will be shared via email after registration

I know what it feels like to be stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated that the months are passing and you're still not where you thought you'd be by now. But you are closer than you realize. You just need to make a few key shifts. This masterclass will show you how. I'll see you there!
Kari Elizabeth Enge - Founder of Rank & File Magazine, Coach to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs