Reach your income and impact goals with a 1:1 Impact Intensive

Align your mission with your business model and get a sales strategy and action plan in place without the clutter and confusion of DIY-ing your way there.

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

You don't have to stress about your income and impact anymore...

Tell me, are you tired of…

All of this stuff leads you to an overwhelming to-do list that’s not getting you where you want to go very quickly...

What you need is a complete roadmap for your business, so you can:


Be clear and confident explaining who you are, what you do and why your customers should choose you in a compelling, story-like way.


Declutter your sales and marketing strategies so you’re taking less but more meaningful actions that lead to more sales.


Have a north-star for your offerings, content, partnerships and general decision-making so everything is super aligned.


Be organized and consistent with your efforts because you’re following a strategic and doable action plan.

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs



Over the years of learning, experimenting, and perfecting social impact and sales strategies, business coach Kari Enge has established a proprietary formula for purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to increase their income and impact. During your Intensive, you get access and guidance to implement this formula so you have a 360-degree visual map of how everything in your business aligns to create a cohesive and compelling story that leads to sales.

So you can get back to what matters most – your mission.

Ready to dive in?

Booking Your Intensive is Simple:

Complete the Application

First, you'll book a time for us to have an introduction call so I can get to know you and your business goals better.

Schedule Your Intensive

On the introduction call, I'll answer all your questions and we'll schedule your intensive days.

We'll Create Your Strategy + Action Plan

We'll create an incredible strategy and action plan for you

By the end or Your intensive, You will Have...

Fully Aligned Business Model

That fits your vision for social impact and allows you to reach your income goals

Storytelling Map

So you know how to break through the noise, and build a community with messaging that set you apart.

Customer Journey

So you are crystal clear on how your sales and marketing efforts work behind-the-scenes to generate leads and sales.

Easy-to-Follow Outline

Confusion, analysis-paralysis, and overwhelm will be greatly reduced because you'll be super clear on your goals, strategies and areas of focus.

90-Day Action Plan

A doable, organized, and step-by-step plan that breaks everything down into bite-sized chunks for each week

A CEO Mindset

You'll leave clear, confident and equipped to carry your vision forward with energy and excitement.

Bonus! Plus, you’ll get my 3-part implementation video course and 2 private implementation calls with me to use within 3-months of your intensive to ask questions that come up as you take action on your plan.

Hey There Changemaker,

Combining Impact and income can be overwhelming sometimes, right? 

It’s easy to spend most of the day in your head, instead of out there changing lives, because you’re not quite sure how it’s all going to work…

Is this the right way? Will this work? How will I afford this? Do I have enough time? Will people buy?

But listen. Your impact and income goals are too important to keep standing in your own way…

My Mission is Your Mission.

Most business coaches don’t have first-hand knowledge of growing a purpose-driven brand before they become coaches. And they fall into the trap of thinking that there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to business growth (aka what worked for them.) After growing my own business and coaching countless entrepreneurs to success, I know that reaching your goals is about YOU – your vision, your style, your talents.

But in order to reach your goals, you need to learn how to get out of your head so you’re clear and confident with a roadmap in hand, and taking intentional action each day (and that’s where I come in).

I’m an absolute PRO at taking all the clutter in your head and getting it into a simple yet powerful roadmap that you’re excited about. This roadmap visual is not a “nice to have”, it’s essential if you are serious about your impact and income goals.

So if you’re ready. I’m ready! Let’s get after those impact and income goals of yours at your Impact Intensive.

When Is the Right Time for An Impact Intensive?

Before you Launch

Declutter your vision, get an aligned social impact business model in place, and layout an A to Z strategic action plan for year 1 of your biz so you don't burn through cash and have to close up shop after just a short while.

During a Rebrand or Relaunch

Re-align your business model, restructure your strategies and re-energize your brand to increase your income and impact without the analysis-paralysis, confusion and constant hold-ups that come from doing a rebrand or re-launch alone.

When You're Ready to Scale with a New Offering

Make sure your new offering fits your long-term goals, get a complimentary sales and marketing strategy in place, and a simplified action place so you’re not diluting your brand or creating unneeded overwhelm.

At the Beginning of Every Year

Revisit your business model, sales and marketing strategies, messaging and action plan to fight “mission drift” so you can continue growing your income and impact year after year.

Ready for a roadmap to your income and impact goals?

Apply for your Intensive

Still have questions?

The Impact Intensive is 2 Days. Each day we’ll have a 2-hour morning session, a 30 minute break for lunch, and a 2-hour afternoon session (depending on your time zone).

Included in your intensive is a 3-part implementation video course and 2 private implementation calls that can be used within 3 months of your intensive day to help coach you through executing the plan or making tweaks as needed after testing (Worth $750 alone!)

After you fill in the application, you’ll immediately be brought to my calendar to book your Q&A Prep call within the next week or two. These quick, 30-minute calls give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have. We’ll also schedule your 2 Intensive Days on this call from 1 to 3 months in advance.

Yes, 50% of the invoice is due to book your Intensive and the final 50% is due right before your first session. The Impact Intensive is $3,200 USD

Custom intensives are available by application and with limited availability starting at $1,600 USD for 3 hours. Topics for your custom intensive can include social impact business model development, brand story creation, website planning/wireframing, customer journey development, and 90-day action planning. Click here for the custom intensive application form.

Of course! You can get in touch with me by using the contact form on this website. I look forward to hearing from you!