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Get Clear, Launched and Selling (No Matter What’s In Your Way) | Episode #111

Almost-entrepreneurship sucks. Learn the three steps to becoming a money-in-the-bank business owner so you can make a positive impact in the world.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

I know from past experience how frustrating it is to be in the “almost-entrepreneur” phase where life is in your way and you just can’t quite get clear, launched, or selling in order to make the income and impact you desire. 

So today, I’m breaking down what almost-entrepreneurship is, what causes it, and how to go through it more quickly, so you are making an income and an impact as a money-in-the-bank business owner.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What Almost Entrepreneurship Is
  • The Three Stages of Almost-Entrepreneurship and Why This Matter
  • How to Know Which Stage You Are In and What to Focus on

Important Links from Today’s Episode:

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