The Purpose-Driven Business You Desire Is Closer Than You Realize.

But you need to make a CEO Shift to get there.

Purpose-Driven Founder,

If you’re here, you’re probably like me.

You want your company to be impactful and intentional. To align with your values and do good in the world. You also want it to be financial sustainable and make space for the personal-life and wellbeing you desire. That’s amazing! We share similar values!

Social Impact
Financial Sustainability
Space for Your Personal Life and Wellbeing

Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

The Problem Is…

It’s not like you haven’t tried to figure things out on your own. You have! But now you feel like you are behind – spinning your wheels instead of making progress.

Trust me, I know! Figuring out how to make all these changes at the same time can feel complicated and difficult.

So you might find yourself…

The truth is:

You don’t need another revenue stream, A LARGER SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING, or an assistant to take things off your plate.

This is all just adding STUFF. What you need is to make a CEO SHIFT.

Even if someone handed you the right business model, sales strategy, messaging or team member on a silver platter right now – it wouldn’t change things. 

Why? Because you are missing the mindsets and skill sets, you need to make these things work for you.

This is the best news.

It means you don’t have to go out there searching for the magic ticket to success. You need to BE the strategic CEO your company needs you to be.

Once you know the CEO mindsets and skill sets, you’ll be able to turn your company into the business you’ve always wanted, without all the struggle and stress you are experiencing now. 

I learned the hard way.

Hi, I'm Kari Enge. I'm the founder of Rank & File Magazine and a Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Founders.

When I first started Rank & File Magazine, I stayed in “almost-entrepreneur land” for far too long. I was trying to put myself out there, but sales were slow.

I was stuck in my head a lot, trying to find what would work. It was a struggle until I learned the CEO mindsets and skill sets.

I learned how to:

  • Set up my business in a way that worked for ME
  • Make decisions, stick to those decisions, and keep things simple
  • Implement and evaluate following an organized process
  • Sell in a way that was authentic to me and my values
  • Stay clear, confident, motivated and on-track

I started BEING different in my business. And things turned things around pretty quickly. I had forward momentum. Not the frustration that I was experiencing before.


So I understand You.

I know that some parts of your business aren’t clear or don’t feel quite right yet. 

And I know you need to figure out the right business model, sales strategy, messaging and structure to reach your goals.

So don’t worry. I’ve got you. 

I’ve helped over 40 purpose-driven entrepreneurs from 16 countries design or redesign their companies so they are sustainable from the inside-out.

I can get you there too.

Using my social impact strategy know-how + coaching tools, I’ll teach you the CEO mindsets and skills sets, as I personally guide you through the following changes:

  • Design or redesign the foundational elements of your business like your model, offers, pricing, messaging, marketing strategies and more so they are aligned with your goals, values and priorities.
  • Craft clear and compelling messaging that resonates with you and your audience.
  • Develop your CEO skills so you are organized, structured and on-track reaching goals with a system.
  • Teach you the CEO mindsets so you are more calm, grounded, motivated and taking effective actions


My 16-week, 1-on-1 coaching program where we design (or redesign) your business and how you operate within it, so your company is more socially-impactful and financially-sustainable.
*And you are the calm, grounded, confident CEO you want to be.*

During our time working together:

I’ll help you make the changes you desire for your company while teaching you the Simple Sustainable CEO Mindsets and Skills Sets.

You'll go:

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

I'll walk with you, hand-in-hand, as you follow a simple 5-step process:



We'll clarify the Vision for your business and for you as the leader of it. We'll do this in a holistic way that incorporates your personal life, financial goals and values. You'll have a new sense of clarity, motivation and focus.



We'll design (or redesign) things in your business to achieve more social impact and financially-sustainability. This may include your business model, offerings, pricing, sales and marketing and team structure depending on your business stage and goals.



We’ll develop compelling messaging for your business that really resonates with you and your audience. You'll no longer have that feeling that it's "not quite right." You'll know exactly what sets you apart and how to communicate it in a values-driven way.



You'll learn the Entrepreneurial Cycle, which includes goal-setting, implementation and evaluation. You'll be more structured, organized, focused and on-track each month. Your action plans will be doable and you'll feel like you have space to breath. Sales will become more fun and you'll see more progress than before.



Throughout the entire process, I'll teach you how to think, feel and do like a CEO. No matter if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or if you've been years into business, I'll teach you how to make decisions and stick to them, set goals and achieve them, add structure to your workweek, evaluate your efforts, and troubleshoot when the unexpected happens. You’ll feel calm, grounded and in-control, like the leader of your life and business.

Here's How the Program is Delivered:

Private Coaching Sessions

Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions for 4 months (16 sessions). You'll also receive 4 sessions with our nervous system coach Katie Olderman to help you develop stress resiliency and achieve success more easily.

Coach on Call

You can ask me any question, any time, during the work week via email. I’ll review your work, give you feedback, and coach you through anything that comes up in between calls, so you’re never stuck on your own. It's like having a business partner at your fingertips

Training Videos, Tools and Templates

I'll send you training videos that teach you the Simply Sustainable CEO skillsets, mindsets and processes. I'll also share tools, templates and best practices along the way. You'll be structured, organized, on-track and motivated.

Your company will be sustainable.
From the inside,out.

Here's how that will look in your business:

Better Business Model + Offers

Your model, offers and pricing creates purpose + profits. Your business structure makes space for your personal life and well-being too.

Clear + Compelling Messaging

You know what you sell, who it's for, and why your customers want to buy. Your messaging is clear and compelling.

Sales Strategy + Skills

Your sales and marketing efforts match your values and personality. You never have to worry about coming across as 'salesy.' You know precisely how you get sales so you can repeat it.

Here's how that will look for you as the founder:

Decision-Making Mastery

You don't get stuck anymore trying to decide the right way to do something, or constantly second-guessing your decisions.

You make faster and more confident decisions and stay committed to those decisions.

Consistency + Momentum

You know how to take action and stay consistent to create momentum in your business.

You know how to manage your time. Life isn't constantly in your way.

A CEO Mindset

You think like a strategic business owner now.

You have a toolkit to deal with the unexpected so your business is stable and growing.

You are more confident, calm, grounded, motivated and in-control.

Program Values


The entrepreneurial processes and frameworks you'll learn are widely researched methods that have been simplified to make them accessible and easy-to-use for all personalities (even creatives!). We use the most cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology-based mindset tools based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Polyvagal Theory. And we are backed by accredited coaching certifications. Nothing is 'woo-woo' here.


As part of the program, you'll receive four 1-1 sessions with our nervous system coach Katie Olderman. Katie is a trauma informed nervous system coach, somatic stress release practitioner, and women's leadership coach. In these 1-1 sessions you'll learn about the critical role your nervous system plays in your business and how to work with your body to achieve your goals rather than against it. You'll discover your unique stressors and how to shift out of common problems like overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, procrastination and anything else holding you back from truly enjoying your work in a way that flows. With these private coaching sessions you'll get better results, develop stress resiliency and achieve success more easily.


This program is not about forcing a certain system or business strategy on you. It's about helping you identify the best design for YOUR business and arming you with a CEO toolkit. You can rest assured that the final result will reflect what you really desire. Your business will be set-up in a way that reflects your goals and priorities, and all of your strategies will feel in alignment with your values.

Central Nervous System Coach for Social Impact Entrepreneurs - Katie Olderman at Rank & File

Katie Olderman: Nervous System Coach for the Simply Sustainable Program

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Make the CEO Shift

Design (or design) your company and how you operate within it.


You may think you are not ready for a coach yet, but this a brain error.

Because you’re thinking coaches just provide accountability.

And if coaches provide accountability, you need to be clear, organized, and ready to dive into your action plan to work with one.

You are actually ready for a coach right now.

Because coaches are not just for accountability.

Coaches are the ones that get you ready. They get you clear. They get you organized. They get thinking, feeling, and doing in simpler and more strategic ways.

An experienced coach helps you make decisions you love and build momentum month after month.

So if you don’t feel ready – this is precisely why you need a coach.

You are ready BECAUSE you don’t feel ready.

Even if you think you’ve got the plan and skills to execute. Do you really want to go into the game without a coach? Even Venus and Serena Williams have a coach – and they are the best tennis players in the world.

Business is no different. The BEST, highest-level business owners have coaches.

Coaches are there to help point out the things you can’t see because you’re too “in it” to notice them.

Coaches are also there to help you adjust play-by-play because things won’t go as planned all the time, just like a tennis match has unexpected plays.

Most importantly, coaches are there to help you with mindset and motivation – so you are playing at your best. (Thank goodness for time-outs in the world of sports – because every athlete needs a pep-talk occasionally.)

Throughout the course of your entrepreneurial journey – you’ll probably hire some contractors and consultants, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need coaching. It’s not an either-or.

At this stage, before you are financially sustainable, coaching is the smarter investment because you’ll end up throwing out what the contractor or consultant created for you if your business isn’t ready for them yet.

Unfortunately, this happened to me in the past: I hired out my branding and website to be done BEFORE I had proof of concept that my business model, sales strategy, and messaging were on point. And BEFORE, I knew how to keep my head on straight.

What happened? I felt like what they created for me wasn’t “quite right” after a little while. Then, I redid it… about 3K down the drain just because I chose to spend money on contractors and consultants too early.

The bottom line is this: hiring out help is great; just make sure you have a coach to help you decide when the right time is for your investments.

This thought makes sense on the surface, but I had to learn that this was a backward way of thinking.

Coaching is not a “nice to have” you add later when money is not as tight. Then what would be the point?

It’s the coaching itself that makes money not as tight. It literally teaches you how to be a money-in-the-bank business owner.

It goes back to that athlete example I explained in myth #2. Do athletes wait to hire coaches until they are successful athletes? Of course not. The coach helps them learn how to create success (and keep up-leveling their game throughout their entire career.)


The income, impact, personal life and wellbeing you desire as a business owner are waiting...

This work is priceless. Let's get started.

Still have questions?

The program is designed for those who haven’t launched their business yet, all the way to those who are years into their business. I’m experienced at guiding start-up entrepreneurs and CEOs, alike. If your business is not where you would like it to be, you are struggling with staying on track and reaching goals, or you know you need a crash-course in how to be a better business owner – you are perfect for this program.

I work with a wide range of purpose-driven entrepreneurs: product-based businesses with brick-and-mortar shops and service-based businesses that do everything online. It doesn’t matter – the Simply Sustainable Process and Skill Sets work for them all.

You do not need to have a huge business budget or investors, either. That’s the beauty of coaching. Regardless of your resources, we find a unique path forward based on your personal priorities and desires for your business. I bootstrapped my magazine and coaching businesses and can help you do that too.

I will help you make shifts and see results in the most streamlined way possible. I’ll also slow you down enough to learn how to create sustainable results for the long haul. The kind that comes month after month. Year after year.

These 16 weeks will change your business, but also your life too!

We’ll meet on Zoom for 45-minutes every other week for 6 months (or every week for 3 months if you prefer). In between calls, I may have you watch a training video that takes about an hour.

I work with entrepreneurs worldwide, so it’s not a problem! We will use ZOOM for our video calls – it’s a free and easy-to-install video conferencing system that allows us to share our screens. I am used to working around time zones.

Like everything I do, I’ve priced this program in service to you and your impact:

  1. This program is not intended to compete with cheap online courses that are easy for you to impulse-buy and consume. I won’t give you a bunch of modules and then send you on your way. This program is about me guiding you hand-in-hand.
  2.  It’s important that you’ve got some skin in the game. It helps you get results. I’ve priced this program to be affordable for anyone serious about their business and who is willing to invest in it. I can help with your money mindset when we start working together if this is something holding you back.

If you are new to business: you may still be freaked out about investing in yourself as a business owner, especially if you’ve never bet on yourself like this before. And that’s ok.

This is a big decision. A 30K one. A 300K one.

This is not about spending 3K. It’s about creating $30,000. Then $300,000.  And then more.

Once you learn how to create money as a business owner… you know how to do it – for life

I encourage you to start listening to the Rank & File Podcast each week so you can get to know me better. You can also book a free consult call with me. There’s no pressure to work with me after the consult. Either way, the call will give you loads of clarity and action steps to grow your business. I’ll speak to you soon!


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First, we'll jump on Zoom to confirm we are a perfect coach-client match.

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Make the CEO Shift

Design (or redesign) your company and how you operate within it.