Leave almost-entrepreneur land.

For good.

So you're making an impact + income in a way that's true to your values.

Purpose-Driven FOUNDEr,

I know you're frustrated.

You’re tired of…

Your ideal business - with the social impact, the salary, and the space for your personal life - is not as far off as it seems.

What you need is a personal guide and a step-by-step process to make things simple, doable, and fun.


  Leave almost-entrepreneur land and become a money-in-the-bank business owner.

So you are finally making an impact + income 

Here's the simple 3-step process I'll personally guide you through:



We'll clarify everything (your biz model, your offering, your pricing, your branding, your messaging, your sales strategies. All of it.) If you have questions - we’ll answer them. This process will teach you how to be a great decision-maker, which is essential to your success. All your decisions will support your values, priorities, and goals.



You'll execute the back end of your business with me by your side. You’ll learn how to take action, stay on track, and be on time (while also having fun). Fear, insecurity, overwhelm, and procrastination will no longer hold you back.



I’ll teach you the Impactful Sales Process so you're not dreading sales or marketing and don’t come across as salesy. You’ll be serving and making sales in a way that feels authentic to you. You'll learn precisely what produces results, so you can simply rinse and repeat until you reach your goal. You’ll know how to evaluate so you can troubleshoot if things happen unexpectedly.

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Here's What You Get:

Private Coaching Sessions

You get weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me for a solid 6 months (22 sessions). I'll be all eyes and ears on just you and your business to help you strategize, teach you entrepreneurial skills, and overcome any challenge that's in your way.

Coach on Call

You can ask me any question, any time, during the work week via email. I’ll review your work, give you feedback, and coach you through anything that comes up in between calls, so you’re never stuck on your own. It's like having a business partner at your fingertips

Helpful Videos and Worksheets

I'll send you videos and worksheets that teach you the skill sets you need to succeed. And, I'll be there the entire way to provide feedback and coaching as you implement the things you learn.

Bonus Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Group coaching lets you quickly find your own aha moments because you are not too close to the issue. You'll also hear other purpose-driven entrepreneurs share their challenges and struggles, so your experience will be normalized.

By the end Of the Program, You Will...


Here's how that will look in your business:

Impact Business Model

Your model creates purpose + profits. Your business structure makes space for your personal life and well-being too.

Compelling Messaging

You know what you sell, who it's for, and why your customer wants to buy. This makes your messaging clear and compelling.

Sales Skills + Confidence

Sales feel fun and authentic. You never have to worry about coming across as salesy. You know precisely how you get sales so you can repeat it.

Here's how that will look for you as the founder:

Decision-Making Mastery

You won't get stuck anymore trying to decide the right way to do something or how to make things work.

You can make strategic decisions quickly, and then get straight to taking action and producing results.

Consistency + Momentum

You know how to take action and stay consistent to create momentum in your business.

You know how to manage your time. Life isn't constantly in your way.

A CEO Mindset

You know exactly what to do when your confidence starts to wane.

You believe in your abilities and are confident in your role as a business owner.

In 6 months or less, you'll be a confident money-in-the-bank business owner who is making an income and an impact.

*with space for the personal life and well-being you want too*

Get Started Today

Book a Consult

First, we'll jump on Zoom to confirm we are a perfect coach-client match.

Invest in Your Success

We'll start coaching and implementing the Simply Sustainable Process.

Get Clear, Launched and Selling

You'll have a financially sustainable company + CEO Skills to carry you forward for years to come.


Hi, I'm Kari Enge. I'm the founder of Rank & File Magazine and a Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Founders.

I know from past experience how frustrating it is to be in “almost-entrepreneur land” where life is in your way and you can’t quite get clear, launched, or selling to make the income and impact you desire.

That’s why I’m specialized in turning almost-entrepreneurs into money-in-the-bank business owners in a way that feels true to their values.

You’ll clarify your business model, create an offering you feel confident in, and learn how to sell it in a simple and repeatable way. Plus, you’ll gain all the foundational CEO Skills you must have to succeed for the long run.

NOW is the Time.

I know the challenges you face right now feel hard to overcome.

Time. Money. Lack of support. Or something else.

The good news is that you’re not different. Your roadblocks can be figured out, too.


You can make your purpose-driven business work and still have time for your other responsibilities.

I’ve helped dozens and dozens of people do it. My process will work for you too.

You can leave almost-entrepreneur land and become a money-in-the-bank business owner.

Over the next 6 months, I’m here to teach you exactly how to do it in a simple, doable, and fun way.

So that instead of feeling disappointed by yet another year where your dreams and goals don’t happen – you stand proud because of the social impact and the financial sustainability you’ve created.

How do you get started? You book a consult. You trust the process. And I help walk you across the finish line. Guaranteed.


It's Risk - Free

Either you make 3K using the skills and strategies from this program within 6 months at a minimum, or I give you your 3K back.

When Is the Right Time for a business coach?

When you are new

You can find just about anything you want to know on Google, podcasts, or online courses about starting a business. That doesn't mean you know how to apply it. I'll walk you step-by-step as your personal guide. I also teach you how to THINK like a CEO. This is probably the most crucial part of your success.

When you want to pivot

Making a big change brings up a lot of questions and concerns. I'll help you cut the clutter, get clear and rebuild the brand you've always envisioned. Then, you'll re-launch and learn to sell your new offering with me by your side.

When things aren't working

Maybe you've been in business a while, but you're struggling - your strategies aren't really working for you. You haven't been able to pay yourself. You don't feel like you ever have enough time. You're worried you'll have to shut down soon if something doesn't change. I'll teach you how to turn things around - for good.

When you're smart

Smart entrepreneurs who grow year after year have a secret - they invest in coaching. If you're ready to increase your income AND impact this year (and to do it with more ease), I'll show you exactly how to get there.

Leave almost-entrepreneur land and become a money-in-the-bank business owner

Book a free consult

Still have questions?

This program is right for you if you want to get clear, launched, and selling in 6 months or less. This includes if you have been in business a while but are still struggling with sales. It’s also perfect for entrepreneurs who want to pivot or add an offering.

I work with a wide range of purpose-driven entrepreneurs: product-based businesses with brick-and-mortar shops and service-based businesses that do everything online. It doesn’t matter. My 3-step process works for them all.

You do not need to have a huge start-up budget either. That’s the beauty of coaching. We find a unique path forward for you regardless of your budget and resources. I bootstrapped my magazine and coaching businesses, and I can help you do that too.

I will get you clear, launched, and selling in the most streamlined way possible based on your business goals.  I’ll also slow you down enough, so you learn how to create sustainable results for the long haul. The kind that comes month after month. Year after year.

By the end of the program, you’ll be a money-in-the-bank business owner who sets goals. And then reaches them. The kind of entrepreneur who loves her business and her life.

My guarantee is that you will have these three things by the end of the 6 months: a company that you love, launched into the world, that has made a sale (and a plan for how to repeat that over and over).

Imagine how different your life will be when you have your business up, running, and producing sales within the next 6 months. Imagine being clear and confident. Imagine having all the sales and marketing skills you need to make things work. This is what you’ll accomplish when we work together.

We’ll meet on Zoom for 45-minutes once a week for 6 months. In between calls, I may share a training video or worksheet for you to work on, but this won’t interfere with your business momentum.

My focus for you is always to maximize your results with the least amount of effort – so we’ll shoot for simple every time.

The investment is 3k.

Like everything I do, I’ve priced this program in service to you and your impact:

  1. This program is not intended to compete with cheap online courses that are easy for you to impulse-buy and consume. I’m not going to give you a bunch of modules and then send you on your way. This program is about me guiding you, hand-in-hand.
  2.  It’s important that you’ve got some skin in the game. It helps you get results. I’ve priced this program to be still affordable for anyone who is actually serious about creating a business that pays themselves a salary. If you are not willing to allocate $500 per month for 6 months toward that goal – it may mean that you need some assistance with how you are currently allocating your business budget or coaching on your belief that you can make $3,000+++ a month from a business. Don’t worry. I can help with your money mindset when we start working together.

You may still be freaked out about investing in yourself as a business owner, especially if you’ve never bet on yourself like this before. And that’s ok.

This is a big decision. A 30K one. A 300K one.

This is not about spending 3K. It’s about creating $30,000. Then $300,000. 

Once you learn how to create money as a business owner… you know how to do it – for life.

Book a free consult with me – I’ll answer all your questions on the call. There’s no pressure to work with me after the consult. Either way, the call will give you loads of clarity and action steps you can take on your own.