Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

The Income and Impact You Want is Actually Not That Far Off...

You just need to discover the sustainable CEO inside of you.

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

You don't have to stress about your income and impact anymore.

Tell me, are you tired of…

Your ideal business - with the social impact, the salary, and the space for your personal life - is not as far off as it seems.

What you need is to simply become a sustainable CEO.


Get crystal clear on your vision, your 3-year plan, your 12-month goals and your weekly action items so you have momentum month after month.


Declutter your sales and marketing strategies, so you’re taking less but more meaningful actions. Make sales authentic and fun.


Be clear and confident explaining who you are, what you do and why your customers should choose you in a compelling, story-like way.


Add structure and tools that suit your working-style. Manage your time and your money like a pro!


Have the emotion and mind-management tools you need to overcome confusion, overwhelm, worry, lack of confidence and more. Show up each and every day fully in charge of you and your results!

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


  A 12-month coaching program where you'll learn the CEO skills and business practices
you need to walk yourself to the INCOME and IMPACT you desire. 
Year after Year.

Here's What You Get:

Private Coaching Sessions

You get my undivided 1-on-1 attention, every other week, for a solid year (19 sessions). I'll be all eyes and ears on just you and your business to help you set and implement your biz strategies, build up your CEO Skills and bust limiting beliefs blocking your way.

Training Modules

I'll send you training modules and worksheets specific to your stage as an entrepreneur to help you reach your impact and income goals. I'll be there the entire way to provide feedback and coaching as you implement the concepts.

Coach on Call

You can ask me any question, any time, during the work week. This unlimited access to me allows you to stay out of confusion or indecision when it creeps up throughout the week.

Group Coaching

Group coaching allows you to quickly find your own aha moments (often more quickly than 1-on-1) because you are not "too close" to the issue. You'll have several opportunities over the course of the year to experience group coaching and to connect with other program participants.

2-Day Virtual Retreat

Always an anticipated event - join fellow Simply Sustainable program participants for two value-packed virtual retreat days. Expect major aha moments. Leave crystal clear, lazer focused and on-fire for the year ahead.

By the end Of the Program, You Will...

Fully Aligned Business Model

Your offering excites you. You are making a true difference in the world. You know exactly how to reach your goals. And it's doable.

Sales Skills and Confidence

You know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Sales feels fun and authentic. Sales are flowing in consistently.

Money Management

You have a simple system for money. You know exactly how much you spend and how much you bring in. You're reaching your money goals with more ease.

Time Management

You're structured. You're organized. You're getting more done in less time. You have momentum. You have flow. You feel at ease. You also have time for fun and family.

CEO Practices

You've got powerful daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly practices in your toolkit now.

You have clarity. You have consistency. You are bringing your vision to life. It feels GOOD!

A CEO Mindset

Overwhelm, worry, confusion and procrastination don't derail you anymore. You understand how to manage your emotions and your mind. Because of this, you create results that blow your mind. You're a true CEO! And your income proves it!

In less than 12 months, you'll be a strategic, organized and confident CEO with the INCOME and IMPACT to show for it.

*and space for the personal life and sense of wellbeing you want too*


Book a Consult

First, we'll jump on Zoom to confirm we are a perfect coach-client match.

Invest in You

We'll start coaching and implementing the Simply Sustainable system.

Reach Your Impact + Income Goals

You'll see progress quickly as you apply the concepts and tools.

Hey There Changemaker,

Growing a business that creates a positive social impact, gives you a solid salary every month, and makes time for the personal life you want, can feel impossible sometimes, right? 

But listen. Your life and your impact are too important to keep dreaming about “one day” or struggling on your own.


After 5 years as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and 3 years as a certified business coach, I know one thing to be true. We are our biggest roadblock.  We have a dreams and goals – then we let fear, worry, confusion, overwhelm, stress, “not enough time” and “not enough money” get in our way.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn how to masterfully overcome all of these things so you are confident, clear, focused and creating momentum month after month.

You can structure your time, manage your money, and sell with ease.

You can blow your own mind with how much impact and income you can create without sacrificing your personal life or sense of wellbeing to get there.

You can become a Simply Sustainable CEO – The type of entrepreneur who sets a vision she’s on fire about, follows a doable plan, and gets out of her own way. The type of entrepreneur that makes a positive social impact in the world, while also caring for herself and her family.

Over the next 12 months, I’m here to teach you exactly how to be this person. So that instead of feeling dissapointed by yet another year where your dreams and goals don’t happen – you stand proud because of the social impact and the financial sustainability you’ve created.

How do you get started? You book a consult. You decide to invest.  And I help walk you across the finish line. 

When Is the Right Time for a business coach?

When you are new

Declutter your vision, get an aligned social impact business model in place, and layout an A to Z strategic action plan for year 1 of your biz so you don't burn through cash and have to close up shop after just a short while. Learn how to show-up as a CEO - managing yourself and your sales like a pro.

When you want to pivot

Re-align your business model, restructure your strategies and re-energize your brand to increase your income and impact without the analysis-paralysis, confusion and constant hold-ups that happen when making a big change. I'll be by your side to make your relaunch a solid success and set you up for years of growth afterwards.

When things aren't working

Maybe you've been in business a while, but you're struggling - your strategies aren't really working for you. You don't have a consistent salary in place for yourself. You don't feel like you ever have enough time. You're worried you'll have to shut down soon if something doesn't change. I'll teach you how to turn things around - for good. You'll be a sustainable CEO with the social impact and salary to show for it.

When you're smart

Smart entrepreneurs who grow year after year have a secret - they invest in coaching. If you're ready to increase your income AND impact this year (and to do it with more ease), I'll show you exactly how to get there.

Are you ready to reach your income and impact goals?

Book a free consult

Still have questions?

This program is perfect for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who is committed to putting a solid salary in place for themselves over the next 12-months. If you want to understand exactly how to sell your offering with more ease, and how to show up as the CEO of your social impact business so you can grow your company for years to come – this is the program for you.

A wide-range of businesses participate – but they all have one thing in common: they care about creating a social impact. No matter if you sell online or in-person, this program will teach you exactly how to create the income and impact you desire.

You’ll learn the entire Simply Sustainable Process. This means that you’ll learn:

  • How to align your business model so it creates income + impact + space for your personal life
  • How to Set a 3-Year Vision for your Company
  • How to set a 1-Year Plan that reflects that vision and the right 12-Month Goals
  • How to turn your 12-month goals into a day-by-day action plan so you are crystal clear on what to do every day.
  • How to select the right Sales and Marketing Strategies 
  • How to market and sell with ease and authenticity (you’ll feel GOOD about sales and it will be fun!)
  • How to structure your time, so you have time for your life and your business
  • How to manage your money in a simple way. And how to view money in an abundant, healthy way so you can create more of it
  • How to do powerful CEO practices (like a CEO Day) so that you improve month after month
  • How to manage your emotions and your mind so that you no longer struggle with confusion, analysis-paralysis, procrastination, worry, overwhelm, fear, etc.

These skills will carry you all the way to multiple six-figures. As you grow, you’ll understand them and apply them on a deeper and deeper level. This means that no matter if you are brand new to entrepreneurship OR years into your journey – the Simply Sustainable Process will work for you.


You may be ok with a quick fix. A band-aid.

I’m not.

I don’t just want you getting results fast. I want to teach you how to create sustainable results. The kind that come month after month. Year after year.

I want you completely transformed so you are a completely different person by the end of the program – the kind of CEO that sets goals. And reaches them.

The kind of CEO that loves her business and her life.

Expect these kind of results before the 12 months is up.

We’ll meet for a 1-on-1 coaching session twice a month. In between calls, I may share a training video or worksheet for you to work on. However, the pace of the learning and application is up to you.

My focus for you is always to maximize your results with the least amount of effort – so we’ll shoot for simple every time. 

The investment is $350 per month. ($4,200 total or $4,000 if paid in-full)

Like everything I do, I’ve priced this program in service to you and your impact:

  1. This program is not intended to compete with cheap online courses that are easy for you to impulse-buy and consume. This is not a course where I give you modules and then send you on your way. And my business model is not about selling as many spots as possible. This program is about me guiding you, hand-in-had through applying the concepts in a way that’s perfectly suited for your business type and your personality. On the calls, we’ll work toward you mastering the mindsets and concepts so you are truly a CEO in one year’s time.
  2.  It’s important that you’ve got some skin in the game. It helps you get results. But, I’ve priced this program to still be affordable for anyone who is actually serious about creating a business that pays themselves a full-time salary and then growing that year after year. If you are not willing to allocate $350 per month toward that goal – it may mean that you need some assistance with how you are currently allocating your business budget or coaching on your self-belief that you can make $4,000+++ a month. Don’t worry, I can help with that 😉

You may still be freaked out about investing this amount of money. Especially if you’ve never bet on yourself like this before. And that’s ok.

This is a big decision. A 40K one. A 400K one.

This is not about spending $4,000. It’s about creating $40,000. Then $400,000.

Once you learn how to create a 40K year and then a 400K year… you know how to do it – for life. 

Book a free consult with me – I’ll answer all your questions on the call.