Hey there, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

Let's finally reach your goals this year

without the stress you’re experiencing now.

You are in the right place if you have a purpose-driven business, but…
So you might find yourself…
Sales Coaching and Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs

The truth is:

You don’t need another revenue stream, A LARGER SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING, or a NEW TEAM MEMBER to take things off your plate.

This is all just adding STUFF. What you need is the right STRATEGY and MINDSET

Coaching for Purpose-Driven Founders and Social Entrepreneurs

Why work with Profitability Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs?

I’ve been teaching social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven founders how to build more profitable businesses for a long time. I’m passionate about helping them because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be a successful, corporate-ladder climbing professional, and scrap the rat-race to start a purposeful business … only to find more stress and struggle than before.

But no one deserves to sacrifice their salary, sanity, or vision for scaling because they are out there doing good in the world.

It’s time to make your purpose-driven business truly sustainable – from the inside, out. So you can consistently reach your income and impact goals without sacrificing your personal life and wellbeing.

Here's the thing,

Your profits and personal life (or lack there of!) are symptoms of a deeper issue.

But most founders try and put a bandaid on the symptoms by throwing money or effort at branding, copywriting, websites, inventory, ads, or team members.

Or they think, "If I can just get through the next month....then things will slow down and I'll have the space to fix that thing in my business!"

But guess what? That time is not coming.
You'll never see a return on your other investments or solve that roadblock unless you have mastered the CEO foundations first.

Kari Elizabeth Enge - Founder of Rank & File and Business Coach to Social Entrepreneurs and Purpose-Driven Founders

What are the CEO Foundations?
CEO Skillsets, Mindsets and Coaching.

These three things will get you off the hamster wheel, allow you to quickly create a strategic, simple path forward, and help you take action on it right away without the stress and struggle you are experiencing now.

This is the power of coaching. I’ll help you navigate the complexities and challenges of your unique business so your vision is realized in half the time. I’ll also teach you the CEO skillsets and mindsets that you currently lack so you are more effective at what you do.

You’ll finally be reaching your income and impact goals with the ease you originally desired when you decided to become an entrepreneur.


A 1-on-1 coaching program that walks you step-by-step to creating the financially-sustainable, and set-up-for-scale, business that you know you need.

*and teaches you how to be the calm, confident, in-control CEO that you want to be.*

During our time working together:

I’ll help you unlock more profitability now, while teaching you how to create the results for yourself long-term! So you can achieve sustainable growth year after year.

You'll see the following shifts:

Coaching for Purpose-Driven Founders and Social Entrepreneurs

This program is designed for busy business owners.

I personally guide you the entire way through – even while you are managing a time-consuming life and business.

My clients learn to how to grow their businesses using skillsets, mindset tools and business strategy that I’ve tested and refined over the last eight years working specifically with social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven founders.

Here's what we'll do together:



We'll clarify the vision for your business and for you as the leader of it. We'll do this in a holistic way that incorporates your personal life, financial goals and values. You'll have a new sense of clarity, motivation and focus as you step into the future of your business.



You can't reach your next big goal while keeping things the same. So we'll make strategic adjustments to achieve more social impact and financially-sustainability. This may include your niche, business model, offerings, pricing, sales and marketing strategy or operations depending on your business stage and goals. No matter what, you can rest assured that things will be simplified, more strategic, and get you to your goal in a non-stressful way.



Most profit plateaus are actually messaging or mindset problems. So we’ll develop a compelling brand story for your business that really resonates with you and your audience. You'll no longer have that feeling that it's "not quite right." You'll know exactly what sets you apart and how to communicate it in a clear and concise way. Your messaging with be powerful, potent and you'll be making more sales.



If doesn't matter if you are a solopreneur or have a sales and marketing team, you need to be a master sales person as the founder and CEO of your social impact business. I'll teach you how to present yourself in a powerful way so you are grabbing attention, gaining supporters and closing deals for the sake of your social mission! Sales will feel fun, the to-do list will be shorter, and you'll make more money than before.



No matter if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or if you've been years into business, you need to be a great decision-maker, set and track goals, evaluate, and use structure and organization to bring ease to your work without stifling your creativity. That's why I'll teach you the CEO Mindsets and Skillsets. This portion of the program is actually worth the entire investment! You'll see your profits grow (and more ease for you as the business owner) just because of this education.

Here's How the Program is Delivered:

Private Coaching Sessions

Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions for 4 to 6 months depending on your business stage, struggles and goals
(16-22 sessions).

"Coach on Call"

You can ask me any question, any time, during the work week via email. I’ll review your work, give you feedback, and coach you through anything that comes up in between calls, so you’re never stuck on your own. It's like having a business partner (with marketing and mindset expertise) at your fingertips

Training Videos, Tools and Templates

I'll send you training videos that teach you the Simply Sustainable CEO mindsets, skillsets and processes. I'll also share tools, templates and best practices along the way. You'll be structured, organized, on-track and motivated.

Cut through the complexity and navigate your business well - so the income, impact, personal life and wellbeing that you desire are all firing at the same time!

Are you ready to get out of your head and off the hamster wheel so you can zoom out, get strategic, and go for your goals once and for all?

Let's Get to Work

Book a Free Call.

First, we'll jump on Zoom to confirm we are a perfect coach-client match.

Invest in Your Success.

We'll start coaching and implementing together.

Reach Your Goals.

You'll have a more profitable business that is finally set-up to work long-term.

Program Values


The entrepreneurial processes and frameworks you'll learn are widely researched methods that have been simplified to make them accessible and easy-to-use for all personalities (even creatives!). I also use the most cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology-based mindset tools based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and am backed by accredited coaching certifications. Nothing is 'woo-woo' here. You can also rest assured that we won't talk about fluffy feelings all day long - we will get straight to business and put my strategic eye to work for you. My number one goal for you is to achieve the income you desire, while keeping your vision and values intact!


During the program, you'll learn how to identify your unique stressors and how to shift out of common problems like overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, procrastination and anything else holding you back. You'll get better results, develop stress resiliency and achieve success more easily because of the trauma-informed approach of this program.


This program is not about forcing a certain business model or marketing strategy on you. It's about helping you identify the best design for YOUR sustainable business and arming you with a CEO toolkit. You can rest assured that the final result will reflect what you really desire. Your business will be set-up in a way that reflects your goals and priorities, and all of your strategies will feel in alignment with your values.

Coaching for Purpose-Driven Founders and Social Entrepreneurs

Still have questions?

It’s the best of both worlds. I will share my strategic suggestions for your business model, offers, pricing, positioning, messaging, marketing copy, operations, and more.

But, I will also use coaching tools to help develop your own sense of self trust – so you feel clear, focused and confident in your decision making! I’ll also uplevel your mindset so you are taking potent, powerful action that is getting you better and faster results.

The program is designed for those who haven’t launched their business yet, all the way to those who are years into their business. If you are not where you want to be with your business, or you want to become a more strategic CEO, while increasing profits, this is the perfect program for you.

I work with a wide range of purpose-driven entrepreneurs: product-based businesses with brick-and-mortar shops and service-based businesses that do everything online. It doesn’t matter – the Simply Sustainable Process works for them all.

You do not need to have a huge business budget or investors, either. That’s the beauty of coaching. Regardless of your resources, we find a unique path forward based on your personal priorities and desires for your business. I bootstrapped my magazine and coaching businesses. I’ve also helped founders successfully crowdfund and raise capital investment.

I will help you make shifts and see results in the most streamlined way possible. I’ll also slow you down enough to learn how to create sustainable results for the long haul. The kind that comes month after month. Year after year.

These 16 weeks will change your business, but also your life too!

We’ll meet on Zoom for 45-minutes every week for 4 months. In between calls, I may have you watch a training video that takes about an hour.

I work with entrepreneurs worldwide, so it’s not a problem! We will use ZOOM for our video calls – it’s a free and easy-to-install video conferencing system that allows us to share our screens. I am used to working around time zones.

Like everything I do, I’ve priced this program in service to you and your impact:

  1. This program is not intended to compete with cheap online courses that are easy for you to impulse-buy and consume. I won’t give you a bunch of modules and then send you on your way. This program is about me guiding you hand-in-hand.
  2.  It’s important that you’ve got some skin in the game. It helps you get results. I’ve priced this program to be affordable for anyone serious about their business and who is willing to invest in it. I can help with your money mindset when we start working together if this is something holding you back.

If you are new to business: you may still be freaked out about investing in yourself as a business owner, especially if you’ve never bet on yourself like this before. And that’s ok.

This is not about spending $3,500 on a business coach. It’s about creating $30,000. Then $300,000.  And then more.

Once you learn how to create money as a business owner… you know how to do it for life.

I encourage you to start listening to the Rank & File Podcast each week so you can get to know me better. You can also book a free consult call with me. There’s no pressure to work with me after the consult. Either way, the call will give you loads of clarity and action steps to grow your business. I’ll speak to you soon!


The income, impact, personal life, and wellbeing you desire as a business owner are waiting...

This work is priceless. Let's get started.