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Business Strategy

Certified coach Kari Enge teaches simplified yet powerful business strategies that will grow your impact and your bottom-line at the same time.

Interview with Kohl Crecelius of Known Supply - Rank & File Podcast for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Kohl Crecelius of KNOWN SUPPLY and Krochet Kids intl. shares how tapping into our humanness helps us to create a social impact.

Recorded Coaching Session with Start-up Entrepreneur Amanda Martinez - Declutter your brand message

Be a fly on the wall during one of my coaching sessions where I help new purpose-driven founder Amanda declutter her brand message.

Crafting Your Company’s Narrative with Adam Braun | Episode #58

Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise teaches how to craft a compelling narrative for your own social good brand.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Key to Social Innovation with Sharon Vosmek of Astia | Episode #57

Learn the science behind why diversity leads to social innovation and some practical ways you can improve in this area + Rank & File’s plan for diversity and inclusion.

Design for Development: How to Apply Design-Thinking to Your Social Good Business with Colleen Clines of Anchal Project | Episode #55

Discover how you can use design-thinking as a tool for social impact and apply Anchal Project’s 6-step design-thinking model to your own business.

How to Feel Like You're Never Selling Again with Bethany Tran of The Root Collective | Episode #54

Marketing and storytelling expert Bethany Tran sits down with Rank & File to talk all about letting go of “sales baggage” and practical steps toward feeling truly authentic with your messaging and connected with your audience.

Pushing Hope Not Guilt | Storytelling for Your Small Business During Serious Times with Tim Scott of Mitscoots Outfitters | Episode #51

How to turn heavy conversations into messages of hope and how to encourage sales during serious times without using guilt.

Building a Community-Minded Brand with Jen Perry, Founder of Jelt Belt | Episode #50

A candid chat about what it means to be a community-minded brand from mission, vision and values to local manufacturing, partnerships and marketing.

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Align your work with your purpose-driven values and contribute to a flourishing world by learning from the social entrepreneurs you admire most.


Bust limiting beliefs, improve your mental and emotional health and manage your mind for success with the help of the latest psychology and brain science.


Ditch the hustle, get into a flow and manage your time so you can create space for your creative ambitions while living the fulfilling personal life you desire.


Improve your relationship with money, build wealth, and learn how to manage your dollars so it brings more freedom and abundance into your life.