On Set: The Uncut Documentary Interview with Bureo – A Social Enterprise That’s Cleaning Our Oceans of Plastic | Podcast Episode #7

This behind-the-scenes interview from the 'New Breed' Documentary shoot with social enterprise Bureo - who shares how to stick to your mission and shift into greater impact when the business experiences slow growth in the beginning.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

I am so excited to share today’s podcast episode with you!

Late last year, it was just a typical work day for me here in Oslo, and I got a great email out of the blue from a guy named Pete Williams. Pete is a filmmaker, who is shooting a documentary film following Millennial social entrepreneurs. It’s called “The New Breed: The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur.”

Pete asked me to be in a scene of “The New Breed” interviewing one of the social enterprises of the film. So, I flew out to Los Angeles to interview David Stover and Kevin Ahearn of Bureo.

Bureo, who you might have seen on the cover of Issue #10 of Rank & FIle, is a social enterprise that is cleaning our oceans of plastics, by creating jobs to remove discarded fishing nets and recycling them into a high-quality raw material. Their model is so cool! So cool in fact, that they are now partners with Patagonia to create all sorts of cool stuff out of their material.

Not all of my interview with the Bureo guys will make it into the documentary film. So, today’s episode is really special because I am actually sharing the full audio recording with you.

So, you might hear some things in the background like “take one, take two”,  and that is because you are really getting to sit in on the shoot.

David and Kevin share all about their imperfect journey – making shifts to really hone in on their mission, impact and financial sustainability.

I know you will really enjoy my chat with David and Kevin and get so much inspiration and advice out of it for your own business.

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