Behind the Making of the Special Edition Social Impact Issue of Rank & File Magazine | Podcast Episode #6

Kari Enge shares the behind-the-scenes of making of the Social Impact Special Edition issue of Rank & File Magazine.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

I am celebrating a big win today – the launch of the 10th issue of Rank & File magazine! I cannot believe that I  have reached this milestone for myself personally as an entrepreneur. It’s so weird to look at the magazine library and see 10 issues there!

I knew that this issue HAD to be super special… and so there was a topic that I really wanted to talk about for a while, and that is the topic of social impact models and measurement.

Social impact is such a difficult topic to tackle in general. There are so many questions still left unanswered for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and so many complexities to social good models.  A lot of entrepreneurs are looking for that ‘holy grail’ where they can find the right business model financially and reach their impact at the same time.

Having the right mindset and the right practices around social impact models and measurement is so important to get right. Literally, everything is resting on this foundation!

So, I know that this magazine issue is going to be so beneficial for you because of the amazing people inside its pages, who share their knowledge and advice from experience with you.

You really are getting a behind-the-scenes look at how other successful purpose-driven entrepreneurs think about social impact, how they build their businesses and strategies around it, and how they measure it.

And for Rank & File subscribers, you will get an in-depth study on social impact over the next three months. In this series, we will dive-in with the interviewees and contributors from Issue 10 on the Rank & File Podcast, go through the workbook exercises together and really make sure we apply all of the advice to our businesses.

In Today’s Podcast Episode, I share:

– A look at the making of Issue #10 – my visit to Los Angeles, plus more about “The New Breed” documentary film

– From New to Old, the one thing that all successful social entrepreneurs have in common

– A look a the right blend of stubbornness and flexibility for purpose-driven success

Important links from this episode:

Issue 10 – ‘Theory of Change’ The Special Edition Social Impact Issue

“The New Breed: The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur”



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