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Signature Coaching Program


Your current job just doesn't feel "like you." 

It’s not meaningful work that’s fulfilling to you.
It’s not making a positive social impact like you would want it to.
And, it doesn’t make space for your personal priorities.

The idea of doing your own thing, and making a positive impact while doing it, sounds incredible. But you are wondering, could I really become a purpose-driven entrepreneur? Would it work?

You would love to have your own purpose-driven business that...


Aligns with your values and makes a positive impact on the world.


Allows you space and freedom for the personal life you desire.


Builds financial freedom for you and your family.

But this all seems like too much to hope for because...

You don’t know exactly what you will offer to the world.
There’s so much business stuff to figure out.
You’re not sure if the timing is right.
You don’t feel like you have enough money to get started.
You’re worried about how much time it will take in the beginning.
You really dread the idea of putting yourself out there.


With all these thoughts swirling around in your head, you end up... 

Ignoring your dreams: telling yourself you will leave your job eventually once “you have all the pieces figured out.”
But then…
you stay in fear – too scared to actually put any ideas or goals down on paper.
you procrastinate and complicate things – which ends up keeping you far away from ever making the intentional, fulfilling life you want possible.



You may think you need: a great product idea, a solid business model, a co-founder, to feel "ready", or more time.

But what you really need is to connect with who you truly are, understand what brings you alive, and learn how to translate that into a purpose-driven business.


Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

I know exactly where you are today because I have been there myself too + I’ve already guided dozens of women just like you from feeling confused and stuck to clear and confident about their future as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Do you want to know the secret to getting there?

It starts with courage – to invest in yourself, and to honor your dreams by just taking one step.

And it continues with commitment – to keep taking steps forward, while allowing fear and imperfection.

If you’ll do that part, I’ll help you figure out the rest.

The intentional, fulfilling life and business that’s full of impact is not only possible. It’s waiting for you. Let’s go get it. Together.


Authentically You - A Signature Coaching Program for Women to Find Their Purpose & Path to Entrepreneurship

Over the course of 4 months, I'll help you connect with what makes you "you" and teach you how to translate your most authentic self into a purpose-driven, profitable business.

By the end of just 16 weeks, you'll have a complete roadmap for your business idea so you can be confident to take the leap into entrepreneurship whenever you choose.

Here's What You Get:

Training Modules

16 training videos and accompanying workbooks taking you through my unique methodology to uncover your purpose and how you will translate it into a sustainable, profitable business.

Personality Assessment

Full assessment from an accredited institute giving you a full view of your strengths, weaknesses and leadership style + bonus Enneagram training based on your type.

Private Coaching Sessions

1 x 45-minute coaching session every other week (8 in total) to overcome your limiting beliefs, work through your strategies, and boost your motivation beyond what you could do alone.

Customized Roadmap

A tailor-made business roadmap outlining my personalized suggestions for your business during our final session + my unique 90-day action planning process so you can reach your goals following the program.

What will we work on together?

a Sneak Peek at what you'll learn

A Japanese philosophy meaning "reason for being" that helps you tap into your zone of genius and connect with your natural talents so you can get clear on what you want to offer to the world.
We'll cover the pillars of social impact, so you know how to make your future business truly impactful, while also making it fulfilling and meaningful work for you.
The Brand Story Business Building Process
Using my proprietary tool, we'll define what you will offer and who you'll offer it to + we'll make sure you and your customers will love it.
Designing Your First Offering
Features, benefits, pricing, the customer experience, and the back-end logistics of making it all happen. We'll simplify all of it so you know exactly what's required.
You'll learn how to overcome fear, worry, procrastination, and analysis-paralysis and step into confidence, flow and authentic action.
Structure & Scheduling
Bust overwhelm, busyness, and the feeling of "never enough" time with my proven structure that will bring more flow and freedom back into your life.
Customer Discovery
I'll show you how to validate your idea in the real world, while getting to know your customer on an intimate level so you are ready to serve and sell to them.
The Human-Centered Sales Process
Get an overview of all the pros and cons of different marketing options before selecting the right one for you, then we'll create a sales strategy that is simplified yet effective.
Money Mindset
Get into a more empowering, abundant relationship with money as you prepare for your transition to entrepreneurship.
And More!
This is just a sampling. You'll get everything outlined here + additional videos, workbooks and 1-on-1 coaching based on your goals.

4 Months from Today, You could...

Just like when I decided to go all-in on myself, my dreams and my business,

It’s up to you to make it happen.

It takes courage, commitment. And it doesn't happen overnight.

But I'm here to make sure it doesn't take you years either!

You don’t need more time. You just need the right Strategy, Support and Structure.

Kari Enge - Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
Authentically You - A Signature Coaching Program for Women to Find Their Purpose & Path to Entrepreneurship | Coaching Support for Women Social Entrepreneurs

Your Investment

Option 1: Pay in Full


($200 discount)

Option 2: Monthly Payments

4 payments of $475

($1,900 total)

*This program can be deducted from your business taxes in most geographical locations.

How aligned and fulfilled would you be if you could finally stop ignoring your dreams. If you could be clear on how to make entrepreneurship work for you. And if you had a roadmap to get there in just 16 weeks?



Coach for Female Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Clients Are Raving

Are ready to honor your dreams, live your purpose, and take an important step toward your impactful future?

Let's do this (TOGETHER).

Experience the power of coaching completely for free and get all your questions answered about working with me in this 45-minute, no-strings-attached session.

Only possible after a free consultation to validate that we are a good fit for each other.


This program is for you if you are confident that you want to quit your current job and you are ready to find out what purpose-driven entrepreneurship will look like for you. You’re willing to go all-in on your dreams by taking this important next step even though you are scared and you don’t know exactly what it will all look like now.

If you follow and complete each step of the process with my guidance over the course of the program, you will have clarity around what makes you “you”, what your talents are, and what product/service you can bring to the world. You will also have a clear roadmap for how to launch your business on your own if you choose.

I offer a 9-month program called “Rising You” that gives you the strategy, support and structure you need to actually launch your business. I walk side-by-side with you during the critical first months to make sure you are up, running and generating revenue. Click here to learn more.

I do not work during the weekends, and it’s important for me to spend the evenings cooking yummy meals and hangin’ with my family at home (which I’ll show you how to make time for too 😉 However, I sometimes allow coaching calls on Tuesday evening (Central European Time) if necessary.

I encourage you to listen to the Rank & File Podcast where I share purpose-driven business advice weekly. This will give you an opportunity to get to know me better. If you haven’t grabbed free access to Rank & File Magazine yet, I would also highly recommend this.

Of course! You can get in touch with me by using the contact form on this website. I look forward to hearing from you!


Experience the power of coaching completely for free and get all your questions answered about working with me in this 45-minute, no-strings-attached session.

Only possible after a free consultation to validate that we are a good fit for each other.