Stress Management for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Using Applied Neurology, Neuroscience and Brain Science

Applied Neurology for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs with Elisabeth Kristof of Brain-Based Wellness | Episode #80

How to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm using applied neurology as a female purpose-driven entrepreneur. As well as understanding why it is particularly important in the fight for social justice.
The Rank & File Podcast

The Rank & File Podcast

Hosted by Kari Elizabeth Enge - Certified Life and Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs at Rank & File

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, especially if you are fighting for social justice in the world, you are very likely to deal with high levels of stress which can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, brain fog, depression, lack of energy, and even physical pain.

In addition, if you are a survivor of trauma, or if you work with people groups who have experienced microaggressions and discrimination, you are even more likely to deal with these issues. (Plus, simply being a woman in today’s society can intensify your daily stress levels).

So it’s incredibly important that purpose-driven entrepreneurs understand how to care for their minds and bodies amidst stress.

Today, I am honored to sit down with Elisabeth Kristof, founder of Brain-Based Wellness. She is an expert in using applied neurology to manage stress, regulate emotions and increase resilience through intentional, science-based brain training. 

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is fighting for social justice… if you regularly experience overwhelm, stress, anxiety, brain fog, depression, or lack of energy… and you are interested in applying the latest science from psychology and neuroscience to your life and business… then this is the perfect episode for you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What applied neurology is and why it is crucial for those fighting for societal change specifically.
  • How entrepreneurs can use applied neurology to manage stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and trauma
  • How movement helps to heal the central nervous system
  • How applied neurology looks in practice daily

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