Hey there, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

Reach your impact AND income goals this year.

*without sacrificing your personal life or wellbeing


No one deserves to sacrifice their salary or sanity because they are out making a social impact.

It's time to make that dream business of yours truly sustainable - from the inside, out.


You want to create a sustainable, socially impactful business that contributes to a better world.

You want to have a balanced lifestyle that leaves space for the people most important to you, including your own sense of wellbeing.

You want to pay yourself a consistent, solid salary and take financial stress out of the equation!

You can make a positive impact in the world without sacrificing yourself in the process. And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

Hi, I’m  Kari
Coach for Female Social Entrepreneurs - Kari Enge

I’m the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at Rank & File. My purpose as a business coach is to help you reach your impact and income goals (without sacrificing your personal life or wellbeing in the process).

You might feel like you’re standing in quicksand at the moment, struggling with a lack of time or money. Or maybe you’re discouraged because you haven’t quite figured out the right strategies to reach your goals.

But let me tell you something. You are closer than you realize.

If you’ll let me, I’d love to help you cut through the clutter and the confusion to turn your vision into simplified, meaningful strategies and actions. So you can honor your dreams, live your purpose, and contribute to your family and to the world on your terms. 

The impact you desire is waiting for you. Let’s go get it, together.


Salary Success Bundle for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs - Reach Your Income and Impact Goals This Year

Reach Salary Success
for your
Purpose-Driven Business

Get tools, templates, resources and personalized coaching specifically for purpose-driven business owners who want to reach 50-100K this year!

The Rank & File Podcast


A workshop-style show where I teach you every week how to build an intentional, fulfilling life and business that makes a positive impact on the world. Along the way, you’ll hear from experts in the fields of social impact, business, brain science, and faith so you’re armed with the knowledge and the tools you need to make a sustainable impact in your business and your life.


Easy Money Management Tool for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | The Rank & File Podcast for Purpose-Driven, Social Impact Entrepreneurs

Work with Me

There are three ways to work with me: The Year of Uncomfortable Mastermind, Private Coaching, and Virtual Workshops:

The Year of Uncomfortable Mastermind is a 12-month group coaching program that gives you strategy, structure and support you need to reach your income and impact goals. By the end of the year, you’ll have mastered the tools you need to accomplish big things for your business without all the analysis-paralysis, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and procrastination that you were plagued with before.

Click here to learn more about the Mastermind if you are ready for the strategy, structure and support you need to reach your income and impact goals this year.

The VIP private coaching experience is a 12-month container where we speak every single week for a full calendar year. Each session will bring crystal clear clarity to all aspects of the business, so you make smart, high-impact decisions that grow your income AND impact at the same time. We’ll also add systems and structure to your workflow, and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back as an entrepreneur and

You’ll never be the same again – completely transformed from the inside-out, and armed with the CEO skills to reach your goals year after year.

For more information on Private Coaching, click here to book a free consult.


I regularly teach and host virtual workshops with like-minded thought-leaders, educators and coaches. Tickets sell out fast, so CLICK HERE to see what’s coming up next.

Not sure which one is the best investment for you?

I recommend you start with a free consult call – where I’ll help you get super clear on your vision and goals, and coach you through your best next areas of focus to achieve them.

Clients Are Raving

Issue 19 Rank & File Magazine for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs | Social Enterprise Magazine


Rank & File Magazine for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Get instant access to the entire magazine library. 19 issues filled with first-hand advice from purpose-driven founders you admire, plus dozens of workbooks and worksheets on the most important things you need to know. (Seriously, the library is full of so much value, and it’s my free gift to you.)